Rug Weaving with Pendleton Selvages


We recently picked up pounds and pounds of selvages in an exciting aray of colors from Pendleton! 

detail of a rag rug woven by a mystery customer

We warped up our Fireside Loom so you can come in and weave selvage rugs of your very own for only $1/inch!!

Our friend Bonnie came in for a rug weaving marathon!

Also, loose selvages are ON SALE this Tuesday the 25th for $2.50/lb. 

Come on by and check it out!

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8 thoughts on “Rug Weaving with Pendleton Selvages”

  1. I have been trying to find some info on weaving with Pendleton Blanket selvedges, including calling Pendleton, but find nothing. I will be using 8/4 cotton rug warp and would like to know if I should double the warp threads and what sett I should use. Would appreciate any help and tips you can share.
    Many thanks,

    1. Donna,
      we have several books in our collection that deal with rag rug weaving though off-hand I can’t think of anything that specifically deals with Pendelton scraps. I do know that Pendleton scraps are around the same width as 2″ quilt strips and cut up denim/t-shirt scraps. I’ve seen weavers use them both in the same rug design.

      Books in our collection about rug and rag rug weaving include:
      American Finnish Rag Rugs
      Handwoven Rugs
      and Tom Kinsely’s “Weaving Rag Rugs,” a popular and definitive book we have in stock but not listed on our website.

      As for my personal opinion/experience on Pendleton Rag Rugs:
      depending on your sett with the 8/4 cotton, the raggy part of the scraps will cover any warp you have showing, leaving a very shaggy and comfy surface exposed both on the front and back. If you like and want shaggy comfort then all you need to do if warp a single thread around 6-10 epi in plain weave and go on your merry way. I’ve even seen some weavers use an 8 dent reed and just thread one end per dent for these kinds of rugs. Sett can be a matter of personal choice with rugs. Personally I don’t like going below 6 dents or above 10. I find that I like warping around 8 epi for most rugs.

      In my kitchen I have a very dense, very shaggy Pendelton rug weft held together by a thick wool warp that is 5-6 dents per inch. I don’t know the exact weight of the wool warp since I used leftover yarn, but to borrow knitting terms, it’s a heavy sport/DK weight. The wool warp barely shows and the surface is lovely and fuzzy.

      If you want your warp to be used as a design element in the rug (aka, exposed on the surface) then you will definitely want to warp more end per inch and probably double warp the threads. If you want the warp to be more obscure and sturdy you can double warp the threads but use a 5-7 sett.

      Rugs are pretty forgiving when it comes to design. Sample until you find your comfort level by making a few coasters first with some leftover fabric strips or t-shirt scraps to get a feel for the dent size. If you don’t feel like buying a book then rent one from the library or come visit us in the store. Currently we have a vintage loom with a Pendelton rag rug beam up and ready to weaving. You could come in and give it a practice run if you like. And of course any of us would be more than happy to answer questions either on the phone or in person!


      1. Thanks so much for your response. I have every video Tom K. has put out; he has a tremendous amount of knowledge which has been a great help! I also have a number of books which I can refer to. I have warped the loom and will start weaving tomorrow, may have to change the sett but that’s no problem with only 300 ends to resley. Thanks again and enjoy your Summer! Donna

  2. I just started the weaving today and so far so good. I decided on 8/4 carpet warp (single) sett at 10epi, twill treadling and since my weft Is not the shaggy/stringy type I can see the twill pattern forming. The colors are random–grays, off-whites, black, red, and a little green & blue. I also decided to throw a shot of carpet warp in the same shed each time, not sure why, just seemed a good idea. Since I haven’t woven too much I think I’ll change and use a tabby each time I throw the carpet warp which would probably lock the weft in better (like an overshot pattern). Thanks again for your reply, any other suggestions would be most appreciated.
    Happy weaving,

      1. Finished the rug yesterday and love it. Since I have some warp left I decided to continue on with another one in a different color-way. Thanks for the help and happy fibering.

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