We’re Bbbbaaack! (yes, Black Sheep Gathering, here we come!)


Above: Janis Thompson and ETC partnered to dye several dozen Black Sheep Gathering shirts. These acid-dyed wonders are in limited quantities, so be sure to rush in and get yours. Proceeds help support future BSG events.

The Weekend of Black Sheep Gathering is upon us. Fiber artists, get your shopping baskets. Go big or Go home! We’re loaded with silk, wool, exotic fibers, looms, books, spinning wheels, equippment and SO MUCH MORE. Come to our Booth in our new location in Building 2 (the center Building). We’ll be in the right back corner, chilling and swilling our wares. Stop by to say hi, stop by to buy.

See you there!


Learn how to Dye!


Rambouillet-Polypay fleece
Rambouillet-Polypay fleece dyed in Pantone Colorways
Silk Hankies
1 ounce Silk Hankies in colorways Pele-Pele & Summer Storm
Summer Color 2014
Custom dyed silk hankie in 2014 Pantone Colorways (L-R): Bicycle Blues, Limonaide Chartreuse & Candelwick 

Learn how to make your own vibrant blend of color. Janis Thompson, our local dye-maestra, will be teaching the following dye classes:

Intro to Natural Dyeing, Saturday, July 12

Intro to Acid Dyeing Sat, September 13

To view our Summer Class Schedule visit our website at Eugene Textile Center.

Janis Thompson in the Dye Kitchen
Janis Thompson in the Dye Kitchen: She’s dyeing Pele-Pele (above)

Recipie for the American Coverlet



We thought we’d share this lovely little finding that Google pulled up on a routine search of the keywords “handwoven Americana.” Gay McGeary’s “Recipe for the American Coverlet” discusses the elements, design structures and motifs of American coverlets. “Recipie” also has useful tips and tools for how to analyze coverlet structures for recreation purposes. This handy PDF file is a ready-to-view document that is free and open to the public, and as such we’re sharing it with you. We only ask that credit is given where credit’s due and enjoy!


Draft of the Day 5


This draft incorporates the ease of a diamond twill design and a broken twill boarder on 6 shafts. The last 2 shafts are threaded for plain weave on the edging, calling for a total of 8 shafts.

The threading provides an easy way to avoid a floating selvage on a twill structure. The treadling and the tie-up are straight forward, making for the kind of pattern that allows you to weave smarter, not harder!


Simple, Woolen Wonders


Although it is getting too warm out to wear wool it’s not to late to start warping and weaving your Fall fashions. Above, this simple but trendy outfit from TractorGirl.com combines a hand-knit sweater and handwoven accessories.

Attached are some helpful hints, tips and links to patterns to re-create this outfit on your own! Read below:

The side-pouch is woven in plain weave with some saori-style elements in the weft. The scarf has a hint of twill and autumn peach . Both scarf and pouch could easily be done in plain weave on a 20″ rigid heddle loom or even a 10″ Schacht Cricket.

The sweater is a knit but we found some similar designs of Ravelry, all written for various levels (and languages):

1) Hourglass Sweater by Joelle Hoverson, published in Last-Minute Knitted Gifts

For those of you who don’t have Ravelry accounts to see the two links for this sweater, visit this blog here.


2) For a more tunic-take on the look, try DROPS design 109-39 Dress in Alpaca and Kid Silk


3) And finally, from France, Robe #480-T7-257 by the Phildar Design Team for Phildar No. 480, Tendances, Hiver/Winter 2007/2008

Be advised, this pattern is written in French and as of my Google search this afternoon, no copies of this magazine (or pattern) were being sold anywhere online. If you find this pattern (or somehow miraculously have a copy of it) let us know!


If you take it upon yourself to replicate this outfit send us the pics and we’ll post them!

12 Shaft Cascade Loom

12 Shaft Cascade Loom

I had to give a nod to the newest member of our used looms collection. This lovely 12 shaft/14 treadle walnut Cascade Loom just radiates with sophistication. She’s a big girl with 48″ inches of weaving width and a matching walnut bench (not pictured). She’s got a sectional back beam and a castle tray, all for only $3,500. It’s enough to drive one crazy with loom lust!