A Summer of Color!

Janis has been busy in the dye studio!
Come in and get your glorious roving before it’s gone.




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Eugene Textile Center

We're a textile store located in Eugene, Oregon. Our mission is to foster fiber arts across North America. We love to share what we're working on in the studio and dye lab, as well as in our diverse set of classes. Please visit our website for more information about new and used looms, spinning wheels, felting equipment, classes, fiber and ALL that we sell in store and online. Thank you for supporting our local business!

3 thoughts on “A Summer of Color!”

  1. The Red Raven Gallery in Salem, Oregon is having a Textile Show with reception in October and I am inviting all of you to answer our call to artists. There are $50 and $100 awards for creativity and competence in your area of artistic expression. Please pass this information to anyone you know who might be interested.

  2. oh that janice! she’s a winner!!! beautiful dyed rovings, of course! and REALLY i liked her topping the “dyepot” with ICE idea!! you silly!

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