Week 10 Friday Giveaway WINNER!

Congratulations, Goldie!


You were the first to guess the correct wheel to our flyer! You won a $20.00 gift certificate for our store. Feel free to call or facebook dm us to receive your prize.

*If you win, please pick up within 5 days or let us know if you want it shipped and we’ll be happy to send it to you. If we don’t hear back after 5 days, the items will be returned to inventory. Thanks!

Q: What wheel does this (pictured in earlier post) flyer and bobbins go to?

A:  Schacht Reeves Spinning Wheel

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Eugene Textile Center

We're a textile store located in Eugene, Oregon. Our mission is to foster fiber arts across North America. We love to share what we're working on in the studio and dye lab, as well as in our diverse set of classes. Please visit our website for more information about new and used looms, spinning wheels, felting equipment, classes, fiber and ALL that we sell in store and online. Thank you for supporting our local business!

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