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QUESTION:            “How much yardage is in my cone of yarn?”

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Most spun yarns use the “count” system.  It’s based on the number of yards in a pound of a single standard strand.  Size 1 is the lowest count and the thickest yarn of its given fiber.

Here are the yardages for size 1 of some common fibers:

Cotton, spun silk                           840 yds.

Linen, hemp, jute, ramie            340 yds.

Woolen                                           256 yds.

Worsted                                          560 yds.

To find the yardage of a yarn at a higher count, multiply the count times the yardage of size 1.  For example:  20 (20/1) cotton:  840 x 20 =16,800 yds/lb.

To find the yardage of plied yarn, multiply the count times the yardage of size 1 and then divide by the number of plies.  For example:  20/2 cotton:  840 x 20 / 2 = 8,400 yds./lb.

Eugene Textile Center carries the   Yarn To Yards Balance


“This amazing little tool answers the mystery of “how many yards do I have of this yarn??  Easy to use – just hang a piece of yarn on the balance and clip bits off until the “teeter-totter” balances. Then, do the simple math (all instructions and simple formula are on the label) and you have a very close estimate of the yards of yarn. It works with handspun if fairly consistent, novelty yarns, mystery fibers, garage sale treasures, etc. Design that project with confidence knowing you will have enough yarn.”

You can purchase the Yarns To Yards Balance on our website at www.eugenetextilecenter.com






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