Wood and Wool: Julia Lines Wilson

Julia Lines Wilson hails from Aquidneck Island, RI (which is the subject of some of her work)
and now makes her work out of Brooklyn and Philadelphia.

She’s a young fiber artist, and uses fiber, wood and maps to bring beautiful order to the world she sees.

Time Tapestries

The tapestries above were woven as chronicles of four separate days, with different yarns to deliniate time spent on different tasks.

Woven Construction III
Woven Contruction Layers
Woven Construction VII

The selection from the series above use techniques in house framing and needle weaving to create these delicate and sturdy structures.

Wilson has a strong relationship to her materials, and, clearly, is interested in the processes that weaving inclines itself toward.
She built this direct tie up piano loom to investigate the relationship between playing the piano and weaving.

Piano Loom

you can see more of Julia Lines Wilson’s work on her website HERE