The Harvest

We’ve been patiently watching the elderberries ripen in our side garden…
wanting to strike at the perfect moment before pesky foraging poachers beat us to the punch
(like they did last year…)

just yesterday a man came in and asked if he could have them…
we politely told him “no” and grabbed our giant wooden ladder to harvest our bounty!

Janis, so perfectly complimented by the surrounding dusty blue berries

We harvested 6 big ole buckets of berries!
Some to be taken home and canned, but the majority are to be used as a natural dye for us to play with in the ETC Dye Studio!


Elderberry makes a lovely blueish lavender, and I suspect the berries will be quite dramatic for ecodying…


Do you have any dye stuff in your yard that you’ve been collecting?
Come book a half day in our dye studio and do some experimenting with us!
(half day: $15, full day: $25)