Fall Festivals

Fall means Fiber Festivals for the ETC!

This weekend Suzie and Janis are headed to Fiber Fusion Northwest up in Monroe, WA

And Janis will be teaching a few classes…if you’re in the area or plan to head north this weekend it’s not to late to register
You can get to her Fiber Fusion bio HERE or just take a peep at the CLASS LIST
(Janis’ classes are called “Roving Reveal” and “Greased Lightning)

And, of course, Suzie will be up there with our ETC booth- I’m sure she’d love it if you swung by to say hello.

And the traveling doesn’t stop there…
The following weekend, Suzie and Janis hit the road again to vend at SOAR
a spinning workshop and festival hosted by Spin-Off magazine

And finally, by the end of October, all the members of the ETC will be home and cozy sitting at our looms and spinning wheels all together again…
But in the mean time, feel free to come in and keep Vicki, Tom and I company while we hold down the fort!

There’s a New Show in the ETC Gallery!

Jeeze Louise, Fall is upon us and the ETC has been hoppin’.
There are so many little bits to report and catch you all up on!

First of all, we have a very unique new show up in our Gallery
it’s a dye feast…
Janis Thompson has hung an educational smorgasbord displaying many different dying techniques

Acid Dyes
Cellulose Dying
Natural Dyes
Eco Printing

It’s definitely worth a visit!
Swing by, get inspired and if you want to learn more we have a lot of dying classes coming up in November…
even a special Mushroom Dying class!
You can check out our class schedule and even sign up online by clicking  HERE!




Rug Weaving with Pendleton Selvages


We recently picked up pounds and pounds of selvages in an exciting aray of colors from Pendleton! 

detail of a rag rug woven by a mystery customer

We warped up our Fireside Loom so you can come in and weave selvage rugs of your very own for only $1/inch!!

Our friend Bonnie came in for a rug weaving marathon!

Also, loose selvages are ON SALE this Tuesday the 25th for $2.50/lb. 

Come on by and check it out!

The Harvest

We’ve been patiently watching the elderberries ripen in our side garden…
wanting to strike at the perfect moment before pesky foraging poachers beat us to the punch
(like they did last year…)

just yesterday a man came in and asked if he could have them…
we politely told him “no” and grabbed our giant wooden ladder to harvest our bounty!

Janis, so perfectly complimented by the surrounding dusty blue berries

We harvested 6 big ole buckets of berries!
Some to be taken home and canned, but the majority are to be used as a natural dye for us to play with in the ETC Dye Studio!


Elderberry makes a lovely blueish lavender, and I suspect the berries will be quite dramatic for ecodying…


Do you have any dye stuff in your yard that you’ve been collecting?
Come book a half day in our dye studio and do some experimenting with us!
(half day: $15, full day: $25)

Eco Dye

Eugene Textile Center’s color maeven, Janis Thompson taught an eco dye workshop, in the style of India Flint.
We foraged dyestuff from our yards and fields and travels and made masterpieces!

First we organized our raw materials onto a wet silk scarf…

raw materials on a silk scarf

some of the materials on this scarf are marigold petals, blackberries and blackberry leaves, cranesbill, twinberry

we dyestuff on one half of the scarf, so we could fold the other half over to create a seal.
after the fold, we tightly rolled our scarves onto a length of PVC pipe

and tightly bound the bundle with string

the bundle then gets boiled in mordanted water
and laid out in the garden to dry
after a few days of letting the dyestuff sink in, it’s time to bring the bundle back, and unroll its glory…
then, we washed off our dyestuff, let our scarves dry and set the dye with a little heat.
check out the exciting results!

can you see the edges of the leaf print?
pretty clear leaf print

Janis’s next eco dye class will be in early November!!
Check out the details HERE

Also, just something to think about…
India Flint is coming to the Eugene Textile Center next spring to teach two workshops…stop by the shop to find out more (and get yourself on the list!)

Wood and Wool: Julia Lines Wilson

Julia Lines Wilson hails from Aquidneck Island, RI (which is the subject of some of her work)
and now makes her work out of Brooklyn and Philadelphia.

She’s a young fiber artist, and uses fiber, wood and maps to bring beautiful order to the world she sees.

Time Tapestries

The tapestries above were woven as chronicles of four separate days, with different yarns to deliniate time spent on different tasks.

Woven Construction III
Woven Contruction Layers
Woven Construction VII

The selection from the series above use techniques in house framing and needle weaving to create these delicate and sturdy structures.

Wilson has a strong relationship to her materials, and, clearly, is interested in the processes that weaving inclines itself toward.
She built this direct tie up piano loom to investigate the relationship between playing the piano and weaving.

Piano Loom

you can see more of Julia Lines Wilson’s work on her website HERE

Wild for Natural Dyes

Janis Thompson taught her Intro to Natural Dyes class a few weekends ago.
It was such a treat, it was a million classes rolled up in one!
And each participant left with a clear and comprehensive understanding of how to be their own natural dye extraordinaire!

Not only did she teach basic safety, mordanting, and dying; she taught how to overdye, how to use after baths
and even let loose a few secrets of where to wildcraft around town.

investigating color in the dye studio

the mushroom Dead Man’s Foot (which dyes a beautiful golden brown) can be found around downtown camping out under the oak trees!
and the lichen Letharia can be cultivated at higher elevations, around Bend for example, clinging to the Ponderosa Pine (letharia dyes a gentle and luminous yellow, that makes a beautiful base for overdying)

the EXTENSIVE! sample card

You can make out most of what we were dying with written on the dye bath above..
there were household onion skins, mexican cochineal, walnuts that Janis had fermenting in her garage, exotic barks…a very diverse array of dyestuff!
The class was a ball, I would highly recommend swinging by the next time she offers a Natural Dye wonderland!
She’s hosting a Natural Dye Day on Saturday October 27th, so you have a little time to free up your schedule and get on down to the Eugene Textile Center and dye your heart out (naturally…)
You can register for the Dye Day here.

the crew